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Order in Council #191 – More Amendments To the BC Supreme Court Civil Rules

Order in Council #191 was approved by the Ministry of the Attorney General on May 26, 2011.  This order comes into force on July 1, 2011 and makes various amendments to the BC Supreme Court Civil Rules.
I have a copy of the order and am happy to share it with anyone who contacts me and requests a copy.
None of the changes are drastic and they comprise of little more than minor adjustments.  A non-exhaustive list of the highlights are as follows:

  • Obligations for responding to a lawsuit are changed now being triggered based on where a party is served as opposed to where they reside
  • More simplified procedures for lawsuits transferred from Provincial Court
  • Permission for parties to jointly request a Judicial Settlement Conference
  • More simplified procedures for default judgement
  • The creation of discretion to place a matter on the trial list even if a trial certificate is not filed in time
  • Changes to Form 41 (Trial Briefs)


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