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Google's Driverless Cars: Coming Soon To a Location Near You?

After lobbying by Google regarding their Driverless Car Project the State of Nevada is reported to have passed Assembly Bill No. 511 into law which paves the way for Driverless vehicles to become lawfully sanctioned.   The law requires the Nevada Department of Transportaiton to “adopt regulations authorizing the operation of autonomous vehicles on highways within the State of Nevada“.
The following parameters were set out regarding these regulations:
The  regulations  required  to  be  adopted  by  subsection  1
(a) Set forth requirements that an autonomous vehicle must meet before it may be operated on a highway within this State;
(b)  Set forth requirements for the insurance that is required to test or operate an autonomous vehicle on a highway within this State;
(c) Establish minimum safety standards for autonomous vehicles and their operation;
(d) Provide for the testing of autonomous vehicles;
(e) Restrict the testing of autonomous vehicles to specified geographic areas; and
(f)  Set  forth  such  other  requirements  as  the  Department determines to be necessary.
If anyone is aware of any lobbying efforts by Google to change Provincial laws to pave the way for Driverless Vehicles to come to Canada please feel free to contact me and let me know.

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