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2009 Canadian Law Blog Awards

I am very proud to have been nominated for a Canadian Law Blog Award for 2009 and humbled to have won the award for “Best Practitioner Blog”.
I want to thank Steve Matthews of Stem Legal for the Award and his kind words about me and this Blog.  I am delighted to be in the great company of the other nominees/winners and wish to thank everyone who nominated me and wish everyone a great 2010.
Here is a Full List of Award Winners this year:
1.  Best Canadian Law Blog: Slaw
2.  Best Practitioner Blog:  Tie between the BC Injury and ICBC Law Blog and All About Information
3.  Legal Culture Award: Law is Cool
4. Non-Legal Audience Award:  Rob Hyndman
5.  Friend of the North Award: Dennis Kennedy
6.  Euro / Can Connection Award: Charon QC
7.  Practice Management Award:  Tie between Thoughtful Legal Management and Avoid a Claim Blog
8.  Law Librarian Blog Award: Shauna Mireau on Canadian Legal Research
9.  Best Legal Technology Blog:  Micheal Geist
10:  Best New Law Blog Award:  Tie between The Trial Warrior and Blogasurus Lex
11.  Law Professor Blog Award:  Tie between Doory’s Workplace Law Blog and U of A Faculty of Law Blog
Congratulations to all!

Canadian Law Blog Awards, Clawbies

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