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My 2013 Clawbie Nominations


What’s a Clawbie?  You can click here for a lengthy explanation, or if you want to skip all that pesky reading what you really need to know is that Clawbies are annual law blog awards handed out following a top secret meeting between Steve Matthews, Jordan Furlong and Simon Fodden.  I don’t know what all goes on there but suspect it may involve drawn straws or sizable kickbacks.  Whatever the deal I know it’s not all shady business as these legal power mongers must select their winners based on peer endorsements.  Here are mine for 2013 –
1. Eric Turkewitz’s New York Personal Injury Law Blog – I know, Turkewitz isn’t Canadian.  New York’s close enough though right?  Eric gets the nod as he is a personal injury lawyer who has been in the law blogging business as long as anyone.  Additionally he avoids the usual sins of personal injury law blogs such as self promotion and mind numbing key word spamming.  On top of this he stays current and has remained interesting over the years.  Plus his first name is kind of like mine.  Well done Eric.
2.  Eric Macramalla’s OffSide Sports Law Blog – okay, this guy is Canadian and his name is also like mine. If that isn’t enough he also qualifies based on merit with timely articles of interest on all things sports law.
3.  Last but not least I nominate David Bilinsky’s ThoughtfulLaw Blog.  I’ve said it before but David was a strong influence behind the launch of this blog back in 2008.  For this reason alone David gets my annual nod.  Plus his site looks kind of barren with no 2012 Clawbie recognition so the power brokers would be wise to fill the void in 2013 or risk being paid a friendly ‘visit’ by my Canadian MMA Law Blog to remind them what’s good for them.
Happy nominating everyone!

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