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My 2012 Clawbies Nominations

It’s that time of year again.  The Canadian Law Blog Awards (the Clawbies), are awarded once a year to recognize outstanding Canadian legal blogs.  The nomination process involves peer endorsement and from there a select number of blogs are chosen for recognition.
The decision makers include Steve Matthews, author of the Law Firm Web Strategy Blog who, if he keeps up the good work, may just give law firm marketers a good name.  Jordan Furlong of Law 21, who has no shortage of wisdom for lawyers reminding us that we must provide our services in a competitive and beneficial way otherwise learn that we may not be as irreplaceable as we may think.  And last but not least, Simon Fodden who is the godfather of the most successful Canadian legal blog, Slaw.
My first nomination is not a blog.  So much for following directions.   Eugene Meehan’s Supreme Court of Canada newsletter is the source to follow for keeping appraised of all developments at the Supreme Court of Canada.  You can find it and subscribe to it here.  I figure it being a newsletter instead of a blog is a mere formality the powers that be should overlook.
Next, sticking in my neck of the woods, I’d like to nominate Dye and Durhams’ BC Law Watch for providing current, useful information  on all things law related in BC.
Lastly David Bilinsky, the man who brought me into the world of Blawgging deserves yet another nod.  It would be a shame if his streak of 5 consecutive years of Clawbies recognition came to an end.
OK, lastly for a second time, another shout out to the always outspoken Antonin Pribetic for not only his comprehensive posts but for never  being shy of picking a fight in his Trial Warrior Blog and advancing clear and authoritative positions in a sometimes bland ‘happysphere‘.


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