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My 2011 Clawbies Nominations

The Canadian Law Blog Awards (the Clawbies), are awarded once a year to recognize outstanding Canadian legal blogs.  The nomination process involves peer endorsement and from there a select number of blogs are chosen for recognition.
In 2009 I was fortunate enough to be awarded a Clawbie for best Canadian Practitioner’s Blog.  Last year I was proud to make the finalists short list and am thankful to all those who have nominated this Blog.
Before making my nominations I’d like to point out that that although Steve Matthews’ Law Firm Web Strategy Blog and Jordan Furlong’s Law 21 are not eligible for a nomination due to their affiliation with Stem Legal, both are worth mentioning for their influence in the Canadian Legal blogging landscape.  Also the juggernaut of the Canadian Blawgosphere (Slaw) has now been retired from eligibility giving the rest of us humble bloggers a fighting chance to win the recently minted “Fodden Award for Best Canadian Law Blog“.
With those courtesies out of the way here are my 2011 Clawbie Endorsements:
First I’d like to once again nominate David Bilinsky whose Legal Management Blog keeps an eye on all things tech and ethics and provides helpful practice management tips for legal professionals.  David is one of the first Canadian lawyers to Blog and he has maintained a quality publication year after year.  In addition to this I can cite him as a key influence responsible for this blog being created in the first place.
Next I’d like to give another nod to Antonin Pribetic who is undoubtedly Canada’s most outspoken legal blogger (the Trial Warrior Blog).  His blog goes hand in hand with his Twitter profile where he candidly shares his views on all things legal and proudly spews venom at the self-coined “flawgosphere”.
Lastly I’d like to nominate Dan Michaluk’s “All About Information” for keeping the rest of us current on information and privacy legal developments across Canada.  This year Dan made a seamless transition transforming the blog from an individual endeavor to a group effort without compromising the quality of the publication.
There are many other worthwhile Canadian legal blogs worth mentioning (and you can click here check out Steve Matthews ever growing list of these) but in keeping with the rules I’m keeping my nominations down to the cap of three.

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