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176,000 Thank-You's, A Clawbie and a Dip in a Canadian Lake

Well another year is in the bag.  I celebrate this time of year with a traditional dip in a Canadian Lake.  I’ve been lucky enough to have my eldest son join me in this nonsensical tradition for the past three years running.  So here is this year’s photo evidence of this fine feat.

This time of year the Canadian Law Blog Awards are also handed out.  I was honoured to have this blog rank as runner-up for the Fodden Award for Best Canadian Blog.
Thank you to all who nominated this blog and to Steve Matthews, Simon Fodden and Jordan Furlong for your kind words.  I should note that the Clawbies are far less about winning than they are about the nomination process.   Many fine blogs made the final cut this year and I encourage you to check them all out here.
Lastly, while I don’t closely monitor analytics,  this time of year I like to check in to see what kind of an audience my blog has drawn.  An astounding 173,962 people have taken the time visit this blog in 2012.

Considering the very narrow focus of this blog I am amazed by this number.  A big thank you to all of you.  2013 will be the 6th Calendar Year in which I author this blog.  I intend to put in another solid year and hope you continue to visit this humble slice of the blogosphere.
Happy and prosperous 2013 everyone.  Now go jump in a lake!

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