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Victoria Soon to be Home to BC's Biggest Gym!

This post is a bit off topic but since most of my readers are British Columbians I thought this may be of interest.
I am proud to announce the launch of Inspire Sports Victoria!
Inspire Sports is an internationally affiliated organization that will be opening their first gym in Canada right in the heart of greater Victoria.  The gym will be the largest facility in all of BC!
With an emphasis on physical literacy for all, Inspire Sports Victoria is proudly registered with GymBC and will provide everything from entry level recreational classes to world class competitive training.
Our website has just been launched and can be found here.
You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
If you live in the Greater Victoria area and are looking for a wonderful activity for you or your family please check us out!  Class registration will begin in June with our first full month of programs scheduled for August.  The full fall schedule should be out soon!