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Under “Enhanced Care” ICBC Values A Child’s Life Less Than A Damaged Car

You read that right.  ICBC’s ‘enhanced care’ benefits value the loss of a child at the hands of a negligent driver less than what they value for vehicle damage.

I have been fielding questions about the harsh realties of ICBC’s no-fault system since it came into force on May 1, 2021.  Many British Columbians were deceived thinking they were getting better coverage for less money.  They were deceived because the BC Government spent millions of dollars on ad campaigns to do exactly that.

After being asked on Twitter why the drivers themselves can’t be sued and continuing to explain the actual new law to more baffled British Columbians one user pointed to grieving parents learning of one of the cruelest truths of ‘enhanced care’.  A child’s life being valued less than a damaged vehicle.

The below post is from a GoFundMe following a tragic collision.  Its speaks for itself.  The ‘care’ was so ‘enhanced’ that the grieving parents had to turn to the good will of the internet to help them in their darkest hours.   This is ICBC’s enhanced care.

When British Columbians learn what rights the government took from them and replaced with substandard benefits many are rightfully disguised.

Crashes will keep happening.  British Columbians will keep learning the truth one crash at at time.  If you find it cruel and unfair to have rights taken from crash victims such as pedestrians, cyclists, children and grieving parents all so negligent motorists can pay less for insurance speak up.  If not nothing will change.   And people will keep learning these ugly truths when its too late to do anything about it.

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