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Why Tostitos "Breathalyzer" Chip Bag Will Likely Get Them Sued

(Image via adweek)
The Super Bowl is right around the corner and like many other company’s Tostitos is hoping to cash in.
Their angle?  A chip bag that doubles as a breathalyzer.  As reported by Time,
The limited-edition “Party Safe” bag is meant to discourage drinking and driving, and will even provide those with a trace of alcohol on their breath with a $10 Uber code on the day of the big game. The company promises it comes equipped with an alcohol sensor that, when breathed into, will turn red if alcohol is detected and green if it’s not.
Let me break down, as simply as possible, as to why a lawsuit is all but assured

  • They have created a gimmick intended to sell product
  • the gimmick is targeted to those who have been drinking and are considering driving
  • The gimmick will give a literal ‘green light’ to drive
  • The chip bag technology, I assume, will not be foolproof
  • A drunk will drive relying on the bag
  • Some misfortune will, in all likelihood, arise

This is a terrible idea.  To quote the the Lawrence Police on Twitter
Lawrence Police on Twitter