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Thank you CBC News For Helping Spread Brain Health Awareness in Combat Sports

Update December 16, 2022 – This week CBC On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko did a follow up story on this initiative.  You can listen to the clip here.  And thank you ONE Championship world heavyweight title holder Arjan Bhullar for the kind words and helping spread brain health knowledge in combat sports!


One of my responsibilities is volunteer work with the charitable organization Fighting Foundation.

Fighting Foundation is helping bring education, resources, research and other services to the combat sports community.  One of the projects we’ve been advocating for in recent months is brain health awareness for combat sports gyms and practitioners.  There is encouraging data that better educated fighters sustain less long term brain harm.

We teamed up with the Association of Ringside Physicians (the best combat sports doctors from around the world) and together created posters sharing key messaging about CTE and concussions for fight gyms.  We are looking to bring this information to gyms around the world.

Thank you CBC news for highlighting this work on numerous of your platforms this week.  Below are some of the clips for those interested along with links to our brain health knowledge posters for gyms.

Link to interview with Gloria Macarenko

Link to CBC News article.


Only 6% of polled combat sports coaches had adequate brain health knowledge.

Let’s get that to 100%.

This link will take you to high resolution PDF files of the posters co-created by Fighting Foundation and the Association of Ringside Physicians. (The CTE poster has two options to choose from, one with all the information on one page and one where it is spread over two pages).

Please print them.

Post them in your gym.

Take a pic and share on social media with the hashtags #BrainHealthMatters #FightingFoundation and tag your gym as well!

Let’s get these into as many gyms as possible!