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Tag: The New ICBC

What's All This Then? ICBC's Transformation 2014 Program

Recently I’ve heard a lot of talk about an ICBC program called Transformation 2014.   I’ve been keeping my eye out for information on this project and last week it hit the mainstream media with CBC News breaking a story about it.
ICBC took issue that CBC had some facts wrong in their reporting with the following tweet:

In any event, shortly after this ICBC released an explanatory announcement on their website and further a 13 page document titled “Our Journey: building the new ICBC” to better explain what ICBC’s Transformation 2014 is all about.
This weekend I had a chance to review this document.  In short there is not much detail about how this transformation is going to take place or specifics of changes that will be made.  I posted the following question and thoughts on my twitter stream:

If anyone is aware of further details or has specifics regarding ICBC’s 2014 Transformation plan please don’t hesitate to contact me.