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Welcome (Again!) Georgia Straight Readers – More on Bill 52 and ICBC Insurance Premiums

Last year I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Georgia Straight with respect to ICBC’s obligation to fund massage therapy under their Part 7 Benefits plan.  This week I had a further interview with reporter Carlito Pablo addressing the BC Government’s Bill 52 which seeks to overhaul BC’s traffic ticketing dispute system.  You can view his article here.
For those of you visiting this site looking for further information on this topic you can click here to read my previous article where I share my concerns of the Government proposal which strips your right to a meaningful hearing when disputing a traffic violation “notice” and the increased insurance premiums that can accompany conviction.

Welcome Georgia Straight Readers

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Carlito Pablo of the Georgia Straight who was writing an article on the recent BC Court of Appeal decision clarifying ICBC’s obligations to fund massage therapy treatments.  In short BC’s highest court found that massage therapy is a “mandatory” as opposed to a “discretionary” benefit and needs to be funded for accident victims where it is medically reasonable and necessary.
For those of you who are visiting this site looking for more information addressing this topic you can click here to read my previous post addressing this development and here for my archived posts addressing issues concerning ICBC’s no-fault benefits.


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