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Tag: Repnicki v. 616696 BC Ltd

Private MRI Disbursement Disallowed Due To No Evidence of Urgency

Reasons for judgment were released this week by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver Registry, disallowing recovery of the costs of a private MRI in a personal injury lawsuit.
In this week’s case (Repmicki v. 616696 BC Ltd) the plaintiff obtained a private MRI in the course of his lawsuit.  At settlement the parties could not agree whether this disbursement was reasonable and brought the matter before the Court.  District Registrar Cameron held that while having an MRI was reasonable, there was no evidence justifying the expense to be privately incurred.  In dismissing the claimed disbursement the Court provided the following reasons:
[5]             While the medical evidence that I was referred to satisfies me that obtaining an MRI examination in this case was a reasonable step to take in the Plaintiff’s interest and to assist with a determination of whether or not there was a causal link to her neck, upper back, and lower back injuries and the motor vehicle accident, I am not satisfied that it was reasonable to incur the additional expense to have the MRI examination done in the private healthcare system.  I may have been persuaded it was reasonable to do so if, in fact, there was evidence that there was going to be an ongoing and significant delay in having the MRI examination done in the public healthcare system, but that evidence was not before me.
[6]             For these reasons, the disbursement will be disallowed.