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Tag: New Rules of Court

Happy Canada Day – Bring on the New Rules…

With Canada Day comes a big change in the British Columbia legal landscape.  The New BC Supreme Court Civil Rules are now officially in force.   You can click here to read the summary I posted several months ago highlighting some of the biggest changes under the New Rules.
For those of you still getting up to speed on the New Rules, you can access them here.
For those of you that are members of The Trial Lawyers Association of BC I suggest you log in to TLABC’s website and click on the “” link which can be found under the heading “Recent News“.
The TLABC Rules Committe has done a great job summarizing the New Rules and highlighting the key differences between the New Rules and the old ones along with making some useful suggestions and tips for anticipated issues that lawyers and clients may face under the New Rules.
Lastly, a table of concordance can be found at the Attorney General of BC’s website.
For my part I will continue to post about BC Supreme Court judgments interpreting and applying the New Rules with a particular focus on cases dealing with Fast Track Litigation, Expert Reports and the concept of Proportionality.  If anyone is aware of a case of particular interest that you’d like me to discuss on the BC Injury Law Blog feel free to contact me directly.