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Tag: Naqvi v. ICBC

“Minor Injury” Settlement Not Set Aside Following Subsequent Discovery of Disc Bulge

In what I believe is the first case of BC’s Civil Resolution Tribunal addressing ‘minor’ injuries under the ever changing ICBC legal landscape reasons for decision were published earlier this month refusing to set aside a ‘minor injury’ settlement after the discovery of a disc bulge.

In the recent case (Naqvi v. ICBC) the applicant was involved in a collision in May, 2019.  His doctor diagnosed him as suffering injuries to the right shoulder, right upper back, and left lower back radiating to the left hip with an optimistic prognosis to make full recovery.  Believing these were caught by the minor injury regulation the application settled his claim for $6,890 which included non-pecuniary damages at the capped amount for such injuries.

Subsequent to settlement the applicant discovered he had a disc bulge in his spine and argued this new diagnosed injury falls outside of the ‘minor injury’ definition and accordingly sought to set the settlement asise.  The CRT refused to allow this arguing a binding settlement was reached that was “not grossly unfair or unconscionable“.  In refusing to allow the settlement to be set aside tribunal Vice Chair Andrea Richie provided the following reasons:

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