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Tag: Lawsuits Against Bars in Canada

My Interview on National Radio Today with Charles Adler: Bars That Over Serve Patrons

Today I was interviewed by Charles Adler of Corus Radio on the topic of commercial hosts who over serve their patrons and civil lawsuits for damages.
The law in Canada has long recognized that a commercial host can be successfully sued if they serve patrons to the point of intoxication and those patrons then are injured or cause injury to others.  Coincidentally just last week I wrote an article discussing the responsibility of Canadian bars and nightclubs to take reasonable steps to see that their patrons are reasonably safe.
You can click on the following link to listen to my portion of the interview in full:
radio-interview-commercial-host-liability (I’d like to credit CJOB 68 Winnipeg / Corus Radio Network for providing me with a copy of the clip.)
This is my second interview with Mr. Adler and you can listen to my previous interview discussing ‘frivolous lawsuits‘ by clicking here.
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