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"Feeds of Disaster" Injury Law Blogs Now Made in Canada?

We import a lot of great things from the US but one American innovation I don’t want to see in Canada are personal injury lawyer ‘feeds of disaster‘.
Legal blogger and former personal injury lawyer Kevin O’Keefe recently authored a thoughtful post discussing these feeds.
In short “feeds of disaster” are legal blogs that do little more than “grab the tragic headlines and post them one after the other after the other. It’s like a running feed of disaster.”  Kevin concludes that lawyers that use blogs in this way create “a disaster to a lawyer’s reputation. A disaster in taste in using accident victims for your pecuniary gain. And a disaster to the reputation of our legal profession.”
Kevin, who is based in Washington State, occasionally calls out American lawyers for their on-line activities.  Feeds of disaster are not limited to blogging but also to other social media outposts such as Twitter where this posting method paints a less than flattering image for personal injury lawyers.
After discussing Kevin’s views on Twitter Antonin Pribetic, a Canadian legal blogger and lawyer, notes that feeds of disaster may not be limited to the US.  With the following tweet Antonin suggests I keep a lookout for Canadian feeds of disaster:

Now I’m not a lawyer watchdog and don’t have any demerits to hand out for lawyers’ blogging and social media methods.  The public at large can judge whether various personal injury blogs are distasteful and valueless.  However, I’d be interested if anyone has come across examples of disaster feeds by Canadian personal injury lawyers.  Feel free to contact me if you come across Canadian injury lawyer advertisements that are in particularly poor taste.