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BC Court of Appeal Orders New Trial in Left Hand Turn Accident Case

Today the BC Court of Appeal overturned a jury verdict finding a left hand turning motorist completely at fault for a motor vehicle collision and awarding the injured Plaintiff over $1.2 Million in compensation for serious injuries.
The car accident happend in 2000 in Coquitlam BC. The Plaintiff was travelling southbound in the right hand lane on North Road. There was stopped traffic in the two southbound lanes to his left. The Defendant was travelling North on North Road and attempted to make a left hand turn into the Lougheed Mall parking lot. At this time he collided with the Plaintiff’s vehicle.
The jury found the left-hand driver 100% at fault for this collision.
The jury went on to award damages as follows:
Non-pecuniary damages (pain and suffering) $300,000
Past Loss of Income: $275,000
Loss of Future Earning Capacity: $650,000
Cost of Future Care: $15,000
At trial the defence lawyer asked the judge to instruct the jury on the provisions of s. 158 of the Motor Vehicle Act. This section prohibits a driver from overtaking and passing a vehicle on the right when the movement cannot be made safely. The trial judge chose not to instruct the jury about this section.
The BC Court of Appeal held that it was an error in law not to do so, specifically that:

[11] In my opinion it was, in the circumstances of this case, a serious non- direction, amounting to a misdirection, to fail to draw the provisions of s. 158 to the attention of the jury. Section 158(2)(a) prohibits a driver from overtaking and passing another vehicle on the right when the movement cannot be made in safety. The jury could not have had a proper understanding of the parties’ relative obligations, and the standard of care each was to observe, without an instruction on the meaning and application of that section.

[12] I do not think this Court could properly decide how, if at all, fault should be apportioned. That question requires an appreciation of all the evidence, as well as a consideration of the credibility of the two drivers and the other witnesses.

[13] In my opinion, there must be a new trial on the issue of contributory negligence.

The Court ordered that the jury’s judgement be set aside and that the proceeding be generally returned to the BC Supreme Court for a new trial.
The result is, over 8 years after a very serious accident with serious injuries, If the Plaintiff is not able to come to a settlement of his ICBC Claim he will have to be involved in a second trial to address the allegations that he was partially at fault for his injuries and to prove the value of his losses all over again.
Section 158 of the BC Motor Vehicle Act is a rarely cited section but one of significant importance. Simply because you are in a through lane and are not governed by a stop sign or stop light does not mean you always have the right of way. If vehicles in your direction of travel have stopped and it is not clear why they have stopped it may not be safe to proceed. In this case it appears that vehicles may have stopped to permit the Defendant to turn left and the Plaintiff continued on. This case illustrates the potential use Section 158 of the Motor Vehicle Act may have for left hand turning motorists involved in a collision.
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Access to Justice – Where is the Nearest BC Supreme Court Registry?

Do you need to know where the nearest BC Supreme Court or BC Provincial Court (small claims court) registry is to you? This informtion can be found on the BC Courts website. For the convenience of my readers I reproduce the full list of BC Supreme Court registries below.
If you are advancing an ICBC claim, are approaching your limitation period, and are not represented by an ICBC claims lawyer the first thing you will need to know is where the closest court registry is. Well, if you’re looking to file your claim in Supreme Court here you go:

ATLINFiling  P.O. Box 100
3rd Street
Atlin, B.C.
V0W lA0
(250) 651-7595 (250)651-7707
CAMPBELL RIVER  500-13th Ave
Campbell River, B.C.
V9W 6P1
(250) 286-7650 (250)286-7512
CHILLIWACK  46085 Yale Rd.
Chilliwack, B.C.
V2P 2L8
(604) 795-8350 (604)795-8393 (Civil)Fax Filing: (604)795-8397(604)795-8345 (Criminal)
420 Cumberland Road
Courtenay, B.C.
V9N 2C4
(250) 334-1115 (250)334-1191
102 – 11th Avenue South
Cranbrook, B.C.
V1C 2P3
(250) 426-1234 (250)426-1352Fax Filing: (250)426-1498
CRESTONClosed Contact Cranbrook      
DAWSON CREEK  1201 – 103rd Avenue
Dawson Creek, B.C.
V1G 4J2
(250) 784-2278 (250)784-2339Fax Filing: (250)784-2218
DUNCAN  238 Government Street
Duncan, B.C.
V9L 1A5
(250) 746-1227 (250)746-1244
Contact Cranbrook
4604 Sunset Drive
Fort Nelson, B.C.
V0C 1R0
(250) 774-6990 (250)774-6904
FORT ST. JOHN  10600 – 100 Street
Fort St. John, B.C.
V1J 4L6
(250) 787-3266 (250)787-3518
GOLDEN  837 Park Drive
P.O. Box 1500
Golden, B.C.
V0A 1H0
(250) 344-7581 (250)344-7715
Contact Rossland
Contact Cranbrook
KAMLOOPS  223 – 455 Columbia Street
Kamloops, B.C.
V2C 6K4
(250) 828-4344 (250)828-4332Fax Filing: (250)828-4345
KELOWNA  1355 Water Street
Kelowna, B.C.
V1Y 9R3
(250) 470-6900 (250)470-6939Fax Filing: (250)979-6768
Contact Terrace
Contact Kamloops
Contact Kamloops
NANAIMO  35 Front Street
Nanaimo, B.C.
V9R 5J1
(250) 741-3805 (250)741-3809
NELSON  320 Ward Street
Nelson, B.C.
V1L 1S6
(250) 354-6165 (250)354-6539Fax Filing: (250)354-6133
651 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, B.C.
V3M 1C9
(604) 660-0686Civil:
(604) 660-0571Criminal:
(604) 660-8517Divorce:
(604) 775-0671Finance:
(604) 660-8532Probate:
(604) 660-0579Trial Scheduling:
Supreme: (604) 660-8551
(604)660-8977 (Criminal)(604)660-1937 (Civil)
100 MILE HOUSEClosed
Contact Williams Lake
Contact Penticton
100 Main Street
Penticton, B.C.
V2A 5A5
(250) 492-1231 (250)492-1378Fax Filing: (250) 492-1290
PORT ALBERNI  2999 – 4th Avenue
Port Alberni, B.C.
V9Y 8A5
(250) 720-2424 (250)720-2426
PORT HARDY 9300 Trustee Road
Mailbag 11000
Port Hardy, B.C.
V0N 2P0
(250) 949-6122 (250)949-9283
POWELL RIVER  103 – 6953 Alberni Street
Powell River, B.C.
V8A 2B8
(604) 485-3630 (604)485-3637
PRINCE GEORGE   J.O. Wilson Square
250 George Street
Prince George, B.C.
V2L 5S2
(250) 614-2700 (250)614-2737
(250)614-2717Fax Filing: (250)614-7923
PRINCE RUPERT  100 Market Place
Prince Rupert, B.C.
V8J 1B8
(250) 624-7525 (250)624-7538
Contact Penticton
QUESNEL  305 – 350 Barlow Avenue
Quesnel, B.C.
V2J 2C1
(250) 992-4256 (250)992-4171
Contact Salmon Arm
2288 Columbia Avenue
Rossland, B.C.
V0G 1Y0
(250) 362-7368 (250)362-9632Fax Filing: (250)362-7321
SALMON ARM  BOX 100, Rm. 203
20 Hudson Avenue N.E.
Salmon Arm, B.C.
V1E 4S4
(250) 832-1610 (250)832-1749Fax Filing: (250)833-7401
SMITHERS  No. 40, Bag 5000
3793 Alfred Avenue
Smithers, B.C.
V0J 2N0
(250) 847-7376 (250)847-7710Fax FIling:
TERRACE  3408 Kalum Street
Terrace, B.C.
V8G 2N6
(250) 638-2111 (250)638-2123Fax Filing: (250)638-2143
VANCOUVER   800 Smithe Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6Z 2E1
(604) 660-2847Accounting:
(604) 660-2866Chambers:
(604) 660-2849Criminal:
(604) 660-2874Civil:
(604) 660-2845Divorce:
(604) 660-2486Probate:
(604) 660-2876
(604) 660-2877Registrar’s Booking Desk
(604) 660-2853Trial Scheduling:
(604) 660-2853 (Civil)
(604) 660-2854 (Civil)
(604) 660-9201 (Criminal)
(604)660-2418Registrar’s Booking Desk
(604)660-0623Trial Scheduling: (604)660-0623
Contact Prince George
VERNON  3001 – 27th Street
Vernon, B.C.
V1T 4W5
(250) 549-5422 (250)549-5621Fax Filing: (250)549-5461
VICTORIA  Location:
850 Burdett Avenue
Victoria, B.C. Mailing Address:
PO Box 9248
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC
V8W 9J2
(250) 356-6634 (250)356-6279 (Criminal)
(250) 356-6862 (Civil)
WILLIAMS LAKE  540 Borland Street
Williams Lake, B.C.
V2G lR8
(250) 398-4301 (250)398-4459Fax Filing: (250)398-4264

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