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Tag: 2012 ICBC Financial Statements

2012 ICBC Doctor and Lawyer Billings Published

It’s that time of year again.  ICBC has now released their annual Statements and Schedules of Financial Information for 2012.  This is my 7th year highlighting this information.  You can access the following previous years information at the following links:
As previously discussed, this report highlights the billings of Suppliers of Goods and Services which includes doctors who perform ‘independent’ medical exams for ICBC.   When ICBC sends you to an independent medical exam these financial statements can be checked to see just how much money any given physician was paid by ICBC in a calendar year.
ICBC routinely uses a handful of doctors to perform these independent exams.  A quick glance reveals that some physicians bill well into the six digit range annually for these services.
Another provider of ’services’ revealed in these financial statements are law firms who do ICBC defence work. I have previously posted that some lawfirms and lawyers work both sides of the fence, that is on some cases they work for ICBC and in other cases they work for injured plaintiff’s suing someone insured by ICBC. According to the BC Law Society there is nothing wrong with this but these lawyers need to let their clients know if they signed the ICBC defence contract(known as the SAA) which restricts the lawyers ability to make claims against ICBC.  This is required so clients can make an informed decision when choosing to hire their lawyer.
If you hired a lawyer to advance your ICBC injury claim and are curious if your lawyer also works for ICBC you can check these annual reports to see just how much money any given lawfirm is paid by ICBC in each calendar year.