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The First Anniversary of BC's "New" Rules of Court

It’s now been one year since the new BC Supreme Court Civil Rules have come into force.   While there has been a fair amount of judicial interpretation and application of the New Rules there is still a long way to go before there is clarity and certainty with respect to the application of all of the new provisions.
Here are some quick links to my archived posts following the judicial development of some of the more commented on new Rules:
Proportionality Cases
Expert Reports
“Independent” Medical Exams
Case Planning Conferences
Trial Management Conferences
Summary Trials and the Severance of Issues
Adjournment Applications
Deposition Evidence
Examination for Discovery
Fast Track Litigation (Rule 15)
Document Production
Litigation Guardians
Affidavit Evidence
The Transition Rule (Rule 24)
Amending Pleadings
The Implied Undertaking of Confidentiality
Chambers Applications
Formal Settlement Offers
It’s also worth noting that Order in Council # 191 comes into force today making some further changes to the BC Supreme Court Civil Rules.