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Media Requests For Erik Magraken (BC Personal Injury And ICBC Claims Lawyer)

Media Requests for Erik Magraken (BC Personal Injury and ICBC Claims Lawyer)

If you are seeking my involvement in a media matter (print / television / radio) the best way to have your request processed is by filling out the below form.

Time permitting I am happy to make myself available for general commentary on the following topics:

  • British Columbia / Canadian Personal Injury Claims
  • Tort Reform
  • Civil Litigation Claims in British Columbia
  • The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) in the context of
    • Tort Litigation or
    • Part 7 No Fault Benefits Claims

If you have an urgent deadline please mention this when submitting your request and let me know when your deadline is quoting Pacific Standard Time. I will do my best to respond promptly to let you know if I can participate.

Content from my blog is available for reproduction in good faith provided that it is quoted in context, that credit is provided to me and the source is cited. If the content is reproduced on-line a link back would be appreciated. Reproduction for Spam purposes is not permitted and copyright remedies may be enforced if content from this site is improperly reproduced.

Media Request Form:

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Erik Magraken

Toll Free (BC Only) 1800-663-6299

Phone: 1-250-381-5353

3rd Floor, 1117 Wharf Street

Victoria, BC V8W 1T7