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Inspire Sports Victoria Opens Doors to BC's Biggest Gymnastics Facility

Inspire Sports Victoria Logo
Apologies for this off-topic post but I am proud to announce that a project I have been involved with has reached completion.
Inspire Sports Victoria, BC’s largest and newest gymnastics facility, has opened its doors in Greater Victoria!  We had a great open house this weekend.  Thank you to everyone who came by!
We couldn’t be prouder of our team for their efforts in hosting an amazing open house or more grateful to everyone from greater Victoria who took the time to come through our doors!
With the open house complete our final flooring will be installed and final equipment assembled in the coming days.  Thank you everyone who helped make the dream of bringing a world class recreational and competitive gymnastics facility to Victoria a reality!  See you all at the gym this week!
I want to thank Cleve Dheensaw of the Victoria Times Colonist for this excellent article announcing our opening.
Inspire Sports Victoria caters to physical literacy for all, from entry level recreational classes to competitive training for elite athletes.
Our website can be found here and you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram!