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ICBC “No Fault” Benefits

Important Information About ICBC’s Proposed “No Fault” System

The provincial government has recently proposed significant changes to the legal system of this province that will turn British Columbia into a “full no fault” jurisdiction. Under the new system, British Columbians will have lost the right to recover their damages from the at fault party, even if they are seriously injured by someone else’s carelessness or recklessness.


  • Under the proposed no-fault system, if you get t-boned by somebody who is speeding, staring at their phone, and running a red light, that person will be entitled to the exact same schedule of benefits as you.


  • Individuals will have virtually no ability to challenge ICBC. When your adjuster tells you that they don’t believe you were really injured, that they think you actually could be working, or that they don’t think you need your next treatment, you will have almost no ability to fight back.


  • Much like WorkSafe BC, injured individuals will be on their own to navigate the system.


  • Lost wages will be capped at $1,200/week, even if your losses are significantly greater and you were the innocent victim.


  • ICBC has been terribly mismanaged. The government’s answer to that mismanagement is to make it bigger and give it more power – that is contrary to common sense.


  • The Government is using Manitoba as an example; Manitoba is a full no-fault province where MPI is their ICBC. If you’re curious how Manitobans feel about their coverage, have a look: MPI has a streak of 26 straight reviews of 2 stars or less – one has to go back to 2012 to find one a 3-star-or-better review! This is the system that the government is proposing we emulate.



If you are concerned about these changes, please:

  • Go to and sign-up to stay informed;
  • Share your perspective on that; and
  • Write to your MLA to voice your concerns.