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ICBC Injury Claims, Lawyers and Trials

Many people that are unhappy with an ICBC settlement offer seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer.  Often times, however, people don’t consult with a lawyer because of the mistaken belief that if they hire a lawyer they will have to go to trial to resolve their injury claim.  Some revealing statistics were released today showing just how few ICBC Injury Claims proceed to trial, even when claimants are represented by a lawyer.
Today the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner released their report into the Investigation Into Disclosure of Jurors’ Personal Information by ICBC.
In the body of the report statistics about the number of ICBC Claims settled in 2008 were revealed.  Specifically page 4 of the report noted that “An example of the number of claims handled by the division in a given year is available from 2008 when approximately 674,500 claims were settled.  Individuals were represented by lawyers in approximately 21,500 of settled claims.  Only 299 of the claims proceeded to trial and only 37 were jury trials.”
If you do some quick math on the above figures you will see that only 1% of the people that hired lawyers and resolved their ICBC claims in 2008 actually went to trial.  In other words, one in one hundred people who hired a lawyer for their ICBC Claim went to trial.
While there are many reasons why injury victims may choose not to consult with a lawyer these statistics show that the fear of an inevitable trial should not be one of them.

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