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ICBC Employees Escalate Job Action; Reduce Claims services

In the ongoing contract dispute  between ICBC and their employees, COPE 378 has just announced escalating job action which will affect claims handling services.  The following specific measures have now come into force which individuals advancing personal injury claims should be aware of:
This new action will require members to stop attending meetings as follows:

  • Pretrial meetings
  • Committee Authority meetings
  • Risk Assessment Committee meetings
  • Mediations and Pretrial Committee Strategy meetings
  • Aligned Counsel team meetings

And/or any meetings that would be considered to be related to the above meetings.

Working Adjuster Caseloads per the 2009 Workload Guideline

The last workload guidelines by the Corporation were presented to the Workload Committee in 2009 and sets out the appropriate file levels for Claims Adjusters and Bodily Injury Adjusters as follows:
Workload Guidelines – Claims Field Services
Claims Adjuster
Guidelines:  51.25 CA files opened per adjuster per month
Bodily Injury Adjuster
Guidelines:  10.5 BI exposures opened per adjuster per month (Claim Centres)
Guidelines:  5 BI exposures opened per adjuster per month (Litigation Centres)
Claims Adjusters and Bodily Injury Adjusters are to work to these guidelines.  For example, Claims Adjusters from October 11 to November 11 take no more than 51 files per month.
Claims Forms
We are also placing a ban on specific forms being used by the claims division. These forms include:

  • Claim Plan Form – CL398
  • Interview notes forms WEB1362 & WEB1525
  • Call to/from Customer form – WEB 1751
  • Settlement form CL460

Please use CWMS notes in place of these forms where information needs to be captured for the purpose of file handling.