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ICBC Claim Frequency Down – Trend Projected to Continue

Have you ever heard the insurance industry discussing how claims are out of control and without ‘reform‘ coverage will become unsustainable?  In BC we are fortunate that this type of rhetoric has never been accepted.
In some other Provinces, however, such soundbites have caused governments to strip or modify individuals right to sue when harmed through the carelessness of others.  In BC this is not the case.  Given this claims must out of control, right?  The short answer is absolutely not.
The latest data filed by ICBC with the BC Utilities Commission shows that not only are the number of claims down but the Ultimate Claim Frequency (the number of actual claims also factoring in the number of auto insurance policies) is also significantly down.

But this data only covers 2001-2010, surely things will get worse in the future right?  Absolutely not.  The below ICBC claims frequency projections are quite revealing.

This data illustrates that the public does not need to have their tort rights stripped in order to have a stable and functioning auto insurance industry.  Provinces that have fallen for tort-reform rhetoric should have a sober look to BC’s positive experience.

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