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Happy 2009! Some Great Resources to Get the Year Started

Happy New Year everyone.  The web and the law are becoming evermore intertwined and this connection will only grow stonger in 2009.  On that note, here is a short off  topic post.
I had the privilege of reading CharonQC’s Blawg Review #193.  For those not familiar with the term, Blawg is the term that has been coined for Legal Blogs.  CharonQC is a law professor in London, England.  For students of the law and those generally interested with the subject his annual Blawg review is one of the best out there and is an excellent resource.  There are some great Blawgs mentioned and these are worth checking out for anyone looking to follow some of the most interesting lawyers on the web.
Also worth checking out is his Canadian Law Blogs pageflake.  This, along with Steve Matthews list of Canadian Law Blogs are some of the best resources of available Canadian on-line legal information.
One growing resource that has caught my attention in 2008 is JDSupra.  JDSupra has an ever expanding database of court filings, legal briefs and articles from lawyers throughout North America.  This resource will undoubtedly benefit many more in 2009.
Lastly, former Personal Injury Lawyer turned gugu legal marketer Kevin O’Keefe has recently launched Lextweet which is the definitive resource for people looking for lawyers on Twitter, a quality list that is growing by the day.
A sincere thanks to all who have visited this blog in 2008 and to the conuntless visitors who have provided me with so much positive feedback.  I wish everyone a great 2009 and look forward to another year of writing about ICBC Claims and other BC Personal Injury Cases of interest.