One of the Best Lawyers of All Time Demonstrating the Art of Cross Examination

Cross examination is one of most important skills of a trial lawyer.  While there have been many useful texts written on the subject there is no better way to learn than seeing an effective cross-examination in action.
Gerry Spence is considered by many to be one of the best lawyers of all time.  Here is a great video of Mr. Spence demonstrating a cross-examination before a class in Ann-Arbor, Michigan some 25 years ago.
In this exercise the Defence witness had provided evidence supporting the Defendant’s case that they were not negligent.  Mr. Spence only makes one point in this clip; that this witness used the services of a ‘witness-consultant‘ before testifying.   Watch how much damage is done to this witness’ credibility with this one simple point brought out over the course of several very effective minutes.

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