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The BC Political Landscape and Tort Reform

This blog is not politically oriented, however, one issue I like to keep my eye on is so-called tort ‘reform’.  As previously discussed, tort reform generally refers to limiting the rights of those injured through the carelessness of others to the benefit of insurance company profits.   Ontario is currently undergoing such a proposed ‘reform’.
With the significant recent changes in BC’s political landscape I’ve been curious about our political parties views on tort reform.  When Mike de Jong was running for the BC Liberal leadership he was kind enough to respond to my question addressing some positive changes that can be made to BC’s wrongful death laws.
More recently Dave Eby has thrown his hat into the political ring taking on Christy Clark.  I asked him about his views on tort reform and he advised that he does not believe in limiting the rights of injury victims through tort ‘reform’ with the following exchange:

Dave’s response was welcome and I was impressed with his accessibility.  I have asked Christy Clark about her views on the topic but she has not yet replied.   If she is from the same school of thought as Mike de Jong I am cautiously optimistic that she is not a tort ‘reformer’ but would of course be happy to have a clear reply on the topic.
If anyone has any insights with respect to the BC Liberals and NDP’s views on so-called reform feel free to share your insight with me.

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