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My 2016 Clawbies Nominations

What’s a Clawbie?  You can click here for a lengthy explanation, or if you want to skip all that pesky reading what you really need to know is that Clawbies are annual law blog awards handed out following a top secret meeting between Steve Matthews, Jordan Furlong and Simon Fodden.  I don’t know what all goes on there but suspect it may involve drawn straws or sizable kickbacks.  Whatever the deal I know it’s not all shady business as these legal power mongers must select their winners based on peer endorsements.
For 2016 I’m going to nominate blawgging dinosaurs.  Blogs that are senior citizens by internet years that just keep going strong!
1.  Samantha Collier’s Social Media For Lawfirms which has been telling lawyers that social media is something that actually is important and is still doing so because we just don’t listen!
2. David Bilinsky’s Thoughtful Law – David wrote an article years ago that was the inspiration and he’s still going strong!
3. Slaw – Yeah, I know, its the best.  So good in fact it can’t even win anymore.  I’m nominating it anyways.