2010 Clawbies Finalist, a Thank You and a 2011 Polar Bear Swim

Last year this blog was fortunate enough to be awarded a “Clawbie” (Canadian Law Blog Award) for best practitioner’s blog.  This year this blog made it as a finalist in this increasingly competitive category.  I’d like to thank all those that visit this blog regularly and all those who nominated this blog for 2010.
I’d also like to, once again, point to the others that I nominated for consideration this year and to thank Steve Matthews, Jordan Furlong and the others at Stem Legal for considering my blog.  Lastly, congratulations to all of this years winners, finalists, and nominees.
So how does one celebrate a feat such as this?  As per my New Years Day tradition by jumping in a Canadian Lake with my son.  (a rarity for Victoria, Elk Lake had a thin layer of ice over it for this year’s swim)

Happy New Year everyone!

2010 Clawbies Best Practitioner Finalist, 2011 Polar Bear Swim


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When not writing the BC Injury Law Blog, Erik is the managing partner at MacIsaac & Company, based in Victoria, B.C. He is also involved with combative sports regulatory issues and authors the Combat Sports Law Blog.

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