ICBC Holds Me At Fault – I Disagree!

If you do not agree with ICBC’s decision with respect to liability (fault), you can ask that they reconsider. ICBC has an in-house appeal process in which they will review your adjuster’s decision with respect to liability. Typically ICBC places a great deal of weight in the observations of independent witnesses and the physical evidence of collision. Any new evidence that ICBC did not initially consider should be brought to their attention.

If ICBC maintains a finding of liability that you disagree with you can ask a court to decide. You can do this whether or not you were injured in the collision. ICBC will defer to a court’s judgment with respect to liability. Ultimately a court has the right to decide this issue, and ICBC will listen to what the court has to say! You can bring your claim to court with or without a lawyer.

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